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With a vital role in communications, marketing, and productivity, a strong IT and Technology function is key to the success of any modern enterprise. RK Consulting offers the tools and expertise to manage your technology infrastructure at any and every stage. Whether you’re struggling with difficult software or looking to build an Technology function from the ground up, we’re fully equipped to handle all your technical needs.

Our nationwide network of Technol professionals provides comprehensive technology development, management, and system support services. We have experts available to answer inquiries 24/7. At RK Consulting, someone is always on the job.


Quick ticket response times and 90 minute onsites. Someone is always available to answer the phone.


Proactive Maintenance, Real-time Monitoring and Analysis, System Security. Patient communication with thorough solutions explained clearly in attempts to prevent repeat issues.


Round the clock support. 24/7 monitoring and strategy implementation for effective disaster recovery for both onsite and remote support.

About Us

RK Consulting is an IT firm based in Los Angeles, California. We are an experienced and dedicated team of tech professionals with a wide array of skill sets. Our dynamic approach to the IT and IoT industry allows us to tether our individual expertise into focused solutions, providing versatile service offerings customized to best serve your business.

In partnering with clients, we consider not only the constantly shifting technologies of our time, but also the vast variance in company cultures, goals, and relationships with these technologies. With every new project, we deepen our understanding of the way end users expect to access and organize their data. We put that understanding to work for you.

With RK Consulting in your corner, you can always rest assured that your enterprise has the IT/IoT strategy and resources to rise above in a challenging economy.

Our long commitment to IT design and development leads us into a thriving career in the tech field. We’ve spent over a decade applying our experience and furthering our knowledge through certifications such as MCSA/MCSE, CCNA, VMWare, Citrix, Python, C++, HTML/ CSS/ Javascript and SQL.  We decided the time was right to leverage our wide network of clients and colleagues into a business that better aligned with the culture and practices we value most.

RK Consulting was born of that decision. Our mission: to create multifaceted technological solutions required in today’s day and age and to provide these tools and resources to businesses thrive into the 21st century and beyond.


RK Consulting provides the resources and the know-how to establish a strong IT function to enhance your business. We take the burden of keeping pace in today’s dynamic technology landscape off your shoulders, freeing you to focus on executing your vision.
Infrastructure & Cybersecurity

Infrastructure & Cybersecurity

topology | data security | vendor management | Firewall

We proactively maintain network equipment via real-time server and workstation monitoring. Expert engineers keep your technology up to date, back up data, and perform frequent firewall reviews and maintenance to protect your enterprise against modern threats and cybercriminals.

Asset Tracking and Reporting

Asset Tracking and Reporting

Assignment | Management | usage

Our team maintains a database of your hardware, approved users, and active software licenses to protect your devices against loss, tampering, and theft. We make this data available to you and your designated partners, so you always know that every piece is in its place.

Helpdesk Support

Helpdesk Support

24/7 Phone support | Remote Support

When you work with RK Consulting, you work with engineers that offer round-the-clock monitoring and support of client systems. We communicate clearly and patiently with our clients on support requests to pinpoint problem areas and prevent repeat issues.

Project Management

Project Management

Planning | Implementation | Training | Support

We don’t just provide the technology. We provide the expertise and strategic insights to make the technology work in support of your business. From designing your IT infrastructure to rolling out new equipment, you can rely on us every step of the way.

Policy Creation and Enforcement

Policy Creation and Enforcement


Our detailed documentation of IT policies and processes make it easy to onboard new engineers as your enterprise demands. We carefully record and manage employee access levels to ensure that the right people have the right access to the right content.

Comprehensive Development Services

Comprehensive Development Services

Hardware | Software

When existing technology won’t work for you, we work with you to develop new products tailored to align with your vision. With proficiency in a wide range of programs and technologies, our engineers are guaranteed to deliver the solution your business needs.

The team at RK Consulting boasts over a dozen programmers, designers, and engineers with a wide array of technical competencies and certifications. Here’s a small sample of some of the products and programs we can tap to support your business:

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